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project 9_03262012_1571Port of Vancouver USA has built its safety program around the commitment to continuous improvement. This quest for safety excellence has been greatly augmented by our most valuable resource: Port of Vancouver employees. We encourage the consistent, active involvement of our people, from all departments, in making safety the port’s number one priority. 

The foundation of our safety system is a training program, which encompasses employees at all levels—enabling them to be both educated and responsible when it comes to work and project safety. This employee involvement process includes orientation, supervisor training, hazard recognition, job hazard analysis, safety meetings and a safety committee, plus an emphasis on contractor safety.

Safety Committee

The port’s safety committee consists of representatives from multiple departments who meet monthly to discuss how to maximize safety while on and around port property. The team has developed educational materials on safety topics the committee communicates to their representative departments. A safety map is included in these materials, which lists the locations of first aid kits, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and other emergency supplies.

Contractor Safety

An example of the port’s commitment to contractor safety is the development of its Safety Guidelines.  The program leads port staff, contractors, service providers, tenants and customers working on and around port construction projects through a safety orientation and ongoing training on expected safety protocols. In addition, the port routinely generates construction and transportation alerts, sharing important safety-related information with those who work or travel within or near the port. 

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