Port of Vancouver USA

Strategic Plan

port-aerial-2013-webIn planning for the future, the port’s focus includes strategic capital investments that keep our facilities in step with today’s trade and industry demands by developing new maritime, industrial and transportation facilities.

Our future also relies on efficient management of port facilities, commitment to environmental stewardship and collaboration with our community and local government partners. The port’s strategy strives to ensure longevity of economic diversity and funding through a sustainable, healthy mix of cargo, tenants and revenue generation.

The port’s Strategic Plan outlines the port’s focus through the year 2023, and highlights the goals and milestones that will mark our success. This plan identifies the strategic focus of the organization to support our mission and vision, and is meant to stretch and challenge the organization in our pursuit of excellence.


A premier port that is globally recognized and well capitalized with state-of-the-industry facilities, infrastructure and service providing accountable economic benefit.


The port’s mission is to provide economic benefit to our community through leadership, stewardship and partnership in marine, industrial and waterfront development.

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