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Wind-tower-122012-webThe Port of Vancouver USA has a proven track record for handling project cargo. We are a global leader in the importing of wind energy components and are a gateway for large modularized components for the oil and gas industry via the Columbia Snake River System into North America. The port’s two Liebherr mobile harbor cranes can operate at any breakbulk berth at the port and have a lifting capacity of 140 metric tons each. Together, the cranes can lift an impressive 210 metric tons. For more information on our cranes, download our specifications sheet.

Terminal 2, Berth 3 is equipped with a Paceco multi-purpose crane with a 51-metric ton capacity and a 115-foot outreach. The port has designated Terminal 2, Berth 3 as a project cargo berth and may give berthing preference to ocean-going ships loading or discharging project cargo. For more information, download a copy of our heavy lift brochure

Terminal 2, Berth 3  

  • Dock Length: 550 lineal feet
  • Dock Height: 30 feet
  • Berth Depth: 43 feet (CRD)*
  • Dock Strength: B3 1000 psf
  • Roll On/Roll Off:  15-foot dock height

 Terminal 3, Berths 8 & 9 

  • Dock Length: 1,250 lineal feet with dolphins
  • Dock Height: 30 feet
  • Berth Depth: 40 feet (CRD)*
  • Dock Strength: 750 psf
  • Open Storage Area: 65 acres
  • Covered Storage Area: 360,000 sq. ft.
  • This facility handles a wide range of breakbulk and project cargo. The port’s two Liebherr mobile harbor cranes can operate at these berths with reduced capacity.

 Terminal 5

  • Used for long-term storage 
  • Used for rail loading

*Channel depth information as provided by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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